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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My first group road ride.

I went on my first official group road ride Saturday.I had written up a pretty funny story about the whole ordeal but blogger locked up on me and it was gone forever into cyberspace.
So the short cliff note version.

Went on a B/CC road ride Saturday through Southern Charles county.
Made sure they knew I was an MTB crossover by wearing my baggies and camelback.
Roadies like to signal alot with there hands. (They don't have to worry about roots).
Class B/CC packs fall apart on hills.
They think that MTB'rs like hills. (I told them we thought the same about roadies).
I had a MAJOR mechanical which caused my ride to be cut short. One of my pedals stripped out of the crank. No fixing that.
Roadies are impressed that you can ride 4 miles with 1 pedal.
They were nice as heck about the mechanical and no one called be a "lame ass moutain biker with cheap equipment".
The ride leader rode with me to a point where the husband of one of the riders came and picked me and my defective equipment up. Saving me another 9 miles of pedaling with one leg.
The pace was a little slow for me.
Next week I'm going to try to go on a 44 mile B ride IF I've got my bike back by next weekend.
Evan riding in a pack, cars are scary.


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