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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Final Rosie night ride.

With the changing of the clocks I've decided to end the night rides that I started doing a few months ago. Last night was my last Rose ride, I might go ahead with one next week at Cedarville just for the hell of it. Realistically, its too easy to get out there by 6:30 and get a lap done and not evan need lights.

So the last official MORE night ride at Rosaryville for the 06/07 winter season consisted of me, Steve, a new face to me Peter, and Paul. Although I'm pretty sure Paul just showed up to make sure we didn't screw the trails up. He's the new assistant liason for the Rose.
I took my old geared 29er. The SS has been putting a hurting on my knees and I've been playing with the idea of turning it into a 1x9. I'm going to try switching the gearing back to what it came with originally and see how that goes.

The night didn't turn out very good for me. First , the repair I had made to my front braker lever, gave out. Half way through the loop I got no front brake. I relenquish leading the ride to Steve. I'm going to have to take it easier with no brake. I do know every turn out there so atleast I know when to scrub off the speed.
With that going for me, we decide to take a new section of trail that I don't know. Yup, it just sounds like trouble.The new section, compared to the normal loop, is technical. Technical only because there are alot of logs.
I'm in the back now and thats good cause I'm riding like shit. Logs I could normally do I'm stalling on. I'm still trying to figure if it was the whole brake thing throwing me off or if I've just gotten used to riding the Redline SS. The more I ride the Redline the more I love that bike.
So I'm following along and falling farther behind. I come up over a small hump and it veers to the left. I go straight.In the process I either smack a tree or pick a stick up. Bang, broken rear-d hanger. Shit.Can it get worse. I'm not carrying a spare hanger so start the process of turning her SS.5 minutes later the group makes its way back to find.Not sure if they were worried or were just looking to steal stuff off of my person if I was dead.
Finally a break. Paul had an extra hanger and it FIT!!I guess the Trek fuel and the fisher Paragon are distant cousins.
Rest of the ride went off with no surprises. When we got back I took the hanger off and gave it back to Paul.
That POS Fisher is going to sit until I get everything fixed right.
Now that I think back, bad things started happening when I got that bike.
Maybe I won't fix it.
Maybe I'll scavage it for parts and sell the frame for scrap.
Genesis geometry my ass.

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