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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Riding with roadies.

Saturday I got the karma built up did some trailwork at Rosaryville. Thats BS. I don't believe in karma. I just wanted to see some of my buddys I havent' seen in a while .
Huge turnout of about 25 people. We got split into 3 groups, my group, to my shame got back to the traihead first. We weren't slacking, we just got all of the stuff done we were supposed to do.
I was happy anyways. My knee's have been giving me problems lately. I'm going to go back to wearing the $1500 knee brace I got 2 years ago for that ACL repair. Anyways they were screaming by the time I left.

Sunday I went on a ride/trailwork outing with some guys from a "roadie" group at Cedarville. The plan was to take folding bow saws on the bikes and clean up what we could.
The first half of the trails were fine. We stopped once to cut up 1 tree.
Than we got onto the green/brown trails at the far end of the park.
Oh my god.
I thought a tornado had come through one part.
The trip now turned from ride/clean up to strictly reconansence.
I think we'll probly hit it up again next week with some bigger saws and no bikes.

I did start noticing a little bit into the ride that the 2 new guys I had just met, weren't exactly normal MTBers. My first clue was while I was making small talk with one of them who was riding a SS. I asked him what kinda gearing he was running? "I don't know, I bought it like this".
I've never met a SSer before who couldn't tell you (and usually brag about) the gears he was using.
The 2nd clue, while we were stopped trying to fix one of the guys chain I told them, "I've got a power-link".
None of them knew what it was and were impressed when I pulled it out and they saw how it worked.

I finally had an epiphany a few minutes later.
I was in the back and we came up to a small 2" log. (That 2 "inches" not 2 feet).
The first guy actually got off his bike and walked it, the 2nd unclipped and did the 1 legged walk over while still straddling his bike.
Finally the light bulb came on.
"Hey, these guys are roadies!"

It was kinda wierd.
I'm used to riding with newbs.
They're slow and cant handle obstacles.
These roadies though were fast enough but you throw the slightest obstacle at them and they freak.
I guess you also don't break alot of chains on the road.

It was a fun day though.
Maybe I'll show em some MTB stuff next week.
"This is a camel back. It's your friend. It holds lots of power-links".


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