Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, April 01, 2007

SS sucks.

I knew that would get you attention.
I met a few guys at Cedarville for a quick morning ride.
After Saturdays 45 mile road ride I knew I'd have problems, evan at Cedarville.
I wanted to go with gears but the geared bike has numerous problems and won't be ready for the trails until I
-fix the front breaks
- replace the derailer cable
-replace the bent derailer hanger with a straight one.

All these parts are on order, hopefully they'll be in this week.
So it was either the SS or the road bike.
Cedarville's easy but not road bike easy.

I met the guys from OHB.
There they are, all on geared fulled squishy.
BTW, full squishy.
Totally over kill.

The ride.
I was way in the back. While they were cranking away rather easily on the double track, I was spinning away like a freak'n maniac just trying to keep up. Just when I started to reel them in, the front skewer would come loose.
Stop, tighten it up, go for 5 minutes ,repeat.

We finally got to the real single track. This is where they got slow and my SS could finally keep up. Lets just say I handle climbs and roots a little better.

At about 2/3 through our normal loop I've had enough of the skewer loosening up.
I'm going tighten it as hard as I can.
Damn thing is going to stay put.
I tighten the nut than start pushing the lever in.
(teeth clenched and veins popping out)
"Come on you SOB, lock in place"
Oh no I didn't!
Skewer snapped in half.

I laugh.
What else could I do?
Say farewell to the guys and walk the 2 miles back to the truck.

I don't wanna hear anybody say "Don't you carry a spare skewer"
Hell no I don't, and if you do, your too much of a bike geek for me.


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that's some damn funny sh!t !