Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Well that was a pain in the ass.

Every time I went to post a message, blogger wanted me to do that upgrade shit and than would lockup on one of the pages.
As you can see, I got past it.

I went out to Cedarville today with a new group of people. 2 to be exact. 2 still counts as people right? And not persons?

I made contact with another local cycling club. To keep the typing down, they'll be known as OHBC. It stands for Oxon hill Bike Club. I think thats there name. Anyways they have weekly rides at the Rose and Cedarville on Sunday. I first wanted to make contact to try to get some more riders for my night rides. After looking over their site though I decided to go ahead and join the club. They're 95% roadies but I wouldn't mind people to ride with on the road when I start trying to get more base training in. Most of thier rides start within 20 minutes of my house and they seem to have lots of different ability levels going.

Roadies classify there rides as AA,A, B, and so on.
I just think back on last summer when I did a couple of lone rides on the highway. It would have been nice for some company.

Anyways, I met up with the MTB group this morning at Cedarville. Barry and his buddy Matt. Real cool guys. I'll end up riding with them some more. Barry led and kept a real decent pace. Matt lagged a little but we kept it togather pretty good.

My hopes though for some more night riders are dashed until it gets a little warmer anyways. They didn't seem too thrilled about riding in below freezing weather. They thought I was crazy for riding last week at Rosaryvilles night ride. They don't evan have lights yet but "are in the process of getting some". I'll see.

The night rides are going OK. I ended up cancelling the first Cedarville. Lack of participation, the threat of bad weather, and with me having to leave early anyway it just made sense.

The 2nd rose ride went pretty good. 3 other riders plus me made it out. When we finished up it was a balmy 25. I was picking ice outta the beard.

Seeyall later.

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