Just 99 miles to go

Monday, January 29, 2007

1st bi-weekly So. Md. night ride.

Thursday was the first of the night rides I'd gotten started.
With temperatures where they're supposed to be for January I didn't have to worry about canceling the ride.

We had 4 other riders brave the elements. The temperture wasn't really too bad when we started. About 30, but the damn wind was kick'n up. The only real fast rider was Ricky. Although I was "leader" I had him go up front. For 1, I didn't want to slow him up. And 2, I need to start pushing my riding pace. If I was leading I'd just take it easy when I got tired. It was a good workout trying to keep on his tail.

This was also the beginning of my quest to keep my feet warm. I'd bought a pair of thick wool socks the night before. Usually I just wear normal cotton socks.
Thick wool has gotta help, right?
After 40 minutes I started losing the feeling in the feet.I don't think they did any better than my normal ones. I've since gotten some chemical feet warmers and am going to give those a shot. I hear they work good.

So the first ride was a success.
No mechanicals, we kept togather pretty good, and the trail was in decent shape.

Oh, also I was shamed into changing the gearing on my SS.
This was Liz's first time out on her SS and she was running a 32x16 gearing, although it was on 26" wheels.

Thanks Ricky, Liz, Paul, and Mike for a nice ride.


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