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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Getting some night rides on.

One of my biggest peeves about winter is lack of daylight.
My trail riding drops dramatically in the winter.

Thats why I'm excited about the night riding that I helped, well let me put it right, that I got put togather.

Jason , the ride co-ordinator for MORE and old riding buddy first contacted me about leading night rides at Rosaryville if they could get them going.
I'm 20 minutes away, and after work I'm going against rush hour traffic, so I don't have the problems getting there that everyone else does. Rosaryville is 5 miles outside the D.C. capitol beltway and rush hour ( or hours) is a bitch around here. Throw an accident in and your not getting anywhere on time.

Another guy originally was supposed to be getting the permission and paperwork outta the way but through some mis-communication he thought somebody else was doing it.

I went ahead and stepped up to get it done. Jason recommended we get try to get a ride every other week at Rosaryville. You can't get pushy with the DNR people. Thats not a whole lot of riding, but its better than nothing.

The paperwork for Rosaryville and Cedarville go to the same office and get approved by the same person. I've met him before at trailwork days at Cedarville. He's pretty cool and he rides. I figure might as well try to get some rides in for Cedarville. So the week we're not at the Rose, we get Cedarville.

I handed the stuff in and he approved it all. And to boot we've got permission to do it for 3 months. I had only applied for half that, 6 weeks.

So Thursday I've got a ride at Rose after work, and next week it's Cedarville.
As long as the temps stay down so everythings frozen we should be good to go.

In preparation for my cold night rides I bought some heavy wool socks.
On my last ride everything was good except for the feet. After an hour they started to go numb. If the socks don't work I'll try the Saran wrap around the feet.

Thats all I need is to explain to Judy where all her plastic wrap is going.


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