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Monday, February 19, 2007

Ice storm 2007 and cleanup.

What a bust of a weekend.
What a bust of whole week for that matter.
We got some winter precip last Tuesday. Here in So. Md. it was ice.
Pure and simple sleet and freezing rain.
This winter is turning into one large fuck-fest.

In the days after the precip I kept reading on my local cycling board how great the riding was. "Ooh, its smootth as glass but with traction". So I head to Cedarville Thursday afternoon to check out the trails to see if by some miracle I could get my night ride on.

Not a chance in hell. While No. Va. had snow covered trails mine where covered with 1/2" of ice. I kept slipping just walking the 1/4" of trail I checked out.
So the 2nd bi-weekly Cedarville ride was cancelled.

The weekend consisted also of no riding.
Sunday I met with the same guys from last week of the OHB and we went in and cleaned up Cedarville some. It was a mess with fallen trees all over.

We busted some serious butt for 4 1/2 hours. They had been certified by a ranger to use saws out there so we were moving everything outta way. Some of them were as big as 20" diameters. I was toast by the time we were done. I shouldn't say done. We didn't finish, just got tired.

The trails still had the layer of ice on them. If you ever walked far on ice you know ya use different muscles in the legs to keep your balance. Mine were killing me.


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