Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Woohoo, another bike.

So I took another step in bicycling that I thought I'd never take.
-First I bought lycra shorts, which make my butt look big (ok, maybe its my butt that makes my butt look big).
-Second, I bought (and actually enjoy) a single speed.
My latest purchase, a real road bike.
Its just an entry level Trek 1000, but none the less, a real road bike.
Curved handlebars (I'm sure I'll learn the real name), skinny ass 25 mm tires ( that equates to about 1" for my fellow "MTB only" buddys), and shitty ass cantilever brakes. Yup, that sounds like a road bike.

The thought had crossed my mind about getting a cross bike, instead of a full fledged roadie.
Being able to take the bike on dirt roads or bike paths seemed like a good idea. But than I heard that cross bikes geometry wasn't really set up for long rides, and the gearing on the cross bike is lower. I'll mainly want to use it for longer training rides so the roadie made better sense.

They told me I should be able to pick it up Friday. Hopefully I can get some sort of ride in over the weekend. I'll post up my first roadie experiences later.

To keep yall up to date.
My dirt riding miles haven't been shit but I'm keeping up on the trainer.
Hopefully that will help me keep some sort of fitness.


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