Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Exploring isn't for rigid SS's.

I got out to Rosaryville today.
It was kinda muddy. Too muddy really for riding but I had mapping to do dammit.

First I've gotta tell ya about the newb I saw at the trailhead.
I know I shouldn't make fun of new riders, I was one once but thats the kind of bastard I am.
He had a specialized FS that was brand new. Damn thing was so shiny I had to look away. He must of just gotten it for xmas. But what I laughed about was the bachula?(full face head covering) that he was wearing. If your not in the area your probly wondering whats so funny about that. Here in MD. winter has yet to appear. Yesterday it hit 73 degrees and today it still got up to 55. That man must have been sweating his ass off after a 1/4 mile.
Yeah, I'm just jealous I don't have a FS.
Newb bastard.

I did a full loop, tracking it on the gps, and stopping at any landmark or feature, marking it. If this map ever gets done it will be detailed.

After my loop I went back to try to get in some of the new stuff that not fully completed yet. I ended up on some of the horse trails that I'm not real familar with. I realized, those damn equestrians got alot more trail out there I didn't know about and they still gotta ride the main perimeter trail when its sloppy.

A rigid SS isn't the best machine for tracking un-familar territory. Alot of it was sloppy, with debris and ungroomed. Next time I pull out the Paragon.

A granny gear is still the best bet for making it up a slippery hill.



Dirty Bert said...

im new to yer site but is yer SS a 29er? And what kind is it?

good luck wit it!

~dirty bert

Tom said...

Yup, a 29er.
Redline Monocog Flight in a drab, olive green color.