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Friday, January 12, 2007

Map making is hard.

Its simple.
I wanna take a scan of a paper map, a GPS track, merge them and be able to use them in my GPS, or share them.
And I wanna do this with only using free or shareware programs.

There a reason free maps for Garmin GPS's aren't readily floating around the net.
Its a bitch.

Garmin, the money grubbing bastards that they are, make it that only Garmin supplied maps will work in their units. Fine I found a program which can write to that format. Seems as if some guys in Poland were able to reverse engineer Garmins maps. So I have a program which will write in, can you guess what its called? Polish format.

Then you need a program which will send the maps to the GPS or Garmins map loader.
All of this is after you import your scanned image, trace over it and adjust 100's of settings so that it all looks right when your done.

Did I mention that to get the maps to load into Garmins "Mapsource" that you need to edit the registry? Oh, yeah. I can see that going nowhere good.

I haven't given up completely but I'm not as gung ho as when I started.

The forcast isn't looking too good for riding this weekend. Chance of rain through till Tuesday. I guess if the weather stays shitty I'll end up riding some fire roads at Cedarville.


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mo said...

Hey Tommy,

It's Mo, that newbie girl rider you and Dave helped out 1,000 years ago? Stopped by your site and I like the Rosie maps idea. I also got a garman for Christmas, the nuvi, and it would be great if I could load the map I know you'll finish on there...:-)