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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Damn, jan 6 already.

I guess I've left everyone in the dark long enough.
Its been what? 2? 3? weeks since my last post.

Ok then.
As expected for x-mas I got a GPS.
I got hold of a stomach bug which was the reason I was probly the only person who lost weight during the holidays. I couldn't eat all day xmas, threw up xmas night something that was left in my stomach from the day before, and called in sick on the 26.

Theres nothing like not being able to eat all the goodies on xmas day.

I've been playing with my new gps. I love this thing.
Its cool but it does have a learning curve.
I've got it pretty much figured out but the latest bug up my butt, is to make my own maps for the GPS of biking trails from scanned images of the maps you buy from Park managements. Here in Md. that would be DNR. Department of Natural Resources.

There is no place (that I've been able to find yet) that has maps of the parks with their trails that you can buy that have any detail. Topo maps that you can get only show elevation changes and major bodies of water. Regular street maps only show the parks as a big green blob.

My first project will be Rosaryville.
2 reasons for this.
1. I go there alot.
2. I already have a map.

Why do I need a map of a place I already know?
Cause I want to, thats why.

No, first the current map is outdated. We (MORE and me) have built atleast 1 1/2 miles of new trail and have re-routed some of the other stuff.
Second, you can use the tracks from previous rides as a guide in a GPS and it doesn't take nearly the amount of work as making a custom map, but then you have no detail.
Third, it would be cool if I really get it finished and could share it with other who want to ride there.

So far I rode there once and routed it out on the GPS, but accidently deleted it. I have some other track that a MORE guy sent me but I'm pretty sure they were made before some of the new trail was done.

I'll update later, bed calls.


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