Just 99 miles to go

Monday, October 30, 2006

Some trailwork and riding.

I wake up Saturday expecting it to be raining.
Off to the east I see pink.
Whats that?
Could it be the sun?
Again the weather people were wrong.

With the rain already moved away I went to Cedarville to help with trailwork.
AGAIN, the turnout was small.
Other than the liason and her significant other (I think they married) it was just me. Thats all the MORE people anyways.

Trailworks out there are always put on with "The Friends of Cedaville".
A group that, well they,....
To tell the truth I'm not sure what they do.
I guess they're just park enthusiasts who volunteer there for stuff.

Its really pissing me off.
Its kinda of embarrassing showing up and "The friends" only see 3 people from "that bike group".(MORE). I just imagine them talking about us at the next trailwork days with the equestrians or some other group.

I don't think that goes over real well when we try to get permission for night rides out there.

So I did the only thing I could do.
I busted butt as hard as I could.

Atleast when they talk about us they won't have anything bad to say about the bikers that actually show up.

I got a ride in there the next day.
With the rain from Friday, I didn't wanna take my chances elsewhere.
You can alwayss find something dry to ride out there.


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gwadzilla said...


the number of mountain bikers may have been low

the mountain bikers may also make up a small number of the users of those trails

maybe of the total
three was above the percentage of mountain bikers who use the trail

at trails where the mountain bike use is high
there tend to be high numbers of hands

high number of mountain bike users=high number of mountain bikers doing trail maintenance

as mountain bike trail users increase in the area
so will the mouuntain bike trail advocates

I need to get out and check out Cedarville

some friends of mine were talking about Rosaryville
may be a good option for getting the wife back into riding a bike in the woods