Just 99 miles to go

Monday, July 24, 2006

Where to start.

Oh some many things to mention.
First, thanks to my understanding wife for putting up with me lounging on the couch yesterday afternoon after my ride.

I did another road training ride. The road won out over rosaryville because of some rain we got. The plan was the same as last time only preparation was a little different.
Head south on rt 5 and see what happens.
There was some slight rain when I left but it was suppose to be sporadic and end completely in a few hours. It actually helped. It kept the temperatures down and kept me cool for half the ride.

This time I took the camelback with my gatorade mixture and I wore the lycra instead of jeans shorts.
My pace out was definately quicker. I got to where I turned arounded last time and the computer showed I was ahead time wise. I decided to go out for 2 1/2 hours and turn around. This was enough time to make it to a milestone for me, the intersection between 5 and 235. I was proud of myself.
I debated turning right and going back through Leonardtown, Morganza, and Loveville (as per steves recomandation) but I'm not sure what the milage would have been.
I remembered a few weeks ago, I felt good at the turn around but bonked on the way back. I played it safe and just did a u turn.
Maybe next week.

The pace back was definately slower. I didn't feel real tired but the legs had lost their zap. I kept thinking about making it to the wawa and refilling with straight gatorade and a snickers bar.

That damn snickers bar just stuck in head.

Evan after the snickers and fresh straight gatorade all I could manage was to spin home. The 2 1/2 out ride took me 3 hours to get back.

You do too much thinking on these road rides.
On the trails, your thinking about the trail.
If ya don't, you wreck.

On the road, your thoughts go in a hundred different directions.
By the end of my 5 1/2 ride I've decided that roadies are pussies.
If my big ass could manage 77 miles on a MTB with full knobbies, and a rear wheel that was out of round ( I gotta get that fixed), it must be a breeze for a roadie to knock out a century on real road bike with skinny ass slicks.

I'm not gonna get a road bike.
I'm a MTB'r and use the road for training.
Isn't there a saying, train the way your going to race?
I will probly get some slicks for the 29r or set the 26 up for the road, but I'm not gonna invest in a full fledged road machine.


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