Just 99 miles to go

Monday, July 24, 2006

New toy, and a dog.

The new toy?
A spoke tension meter.
The average biker probly wouldn't need one.
Just make sure all the spokes feel the same by pushing on them.
The problem is I don't have the "touch".
Give me the right tools and instructions and I can build anything as long as it doesn't involve me being creative or "feeling" when its right.

To me, its either right or wrong.

Thats why I love this meter.
There is no guessing. Either it reads a certain number or it doesn't.
I still can get my wheel back into round....but dammit all the spokes are at the same tension.

To change the subjest completely off topic,
My wife got us a new dog.
A German Shepard.
Nice and big, although its only 4 months old but the damn thing is a wimp.
We've had it 4 days now and it still runs when it sees me.
I guess its starting to warm up to me.
At first it would just run to my wife when I walked in the door.
Now it runs to my wife and proceeds to bark at me.

I just can't win.


1 comment:

Your Name Here said...

Cool news on the new dog. Hopefully you'll get some photos posted up soon.

The tensiometer will go to good use. It'll definitely help with the new wheel you're building.

Good luck.

Talk to you soon.