Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Reality check.

If I still decide to do the sm100 race, I will be one of those guys who crosses the finish line after 9 PM. I'm comtemplating just volunteering there again this year. Although that thought isn't appealing.

Training hasn't been working out the way I hoped. I didn't evan get out over the weekend.
The whole "closing the business" consumed last weekend. I'm putting 50-60 hours in a week at the new job and then spending the weekends at the business.

I've decided to go ahead and lease the building I'm in for another month so that'll help ease things up a little. I was stressing trying to get everything done and moved out by the end of july, which didn't look good anyways. With another month to do it in, maybe I can spend 1 weekend day training now.

I've been thinking about my road ride last weekend and the way I was hurting at the end. I see now I didn't consume nearly enough.
4 1/2 hours of riding and I consumed 52 oz of gatorade. Thats not gonna cut it.
Next time the camel back is coming with me.

I might give it another shot this weekend if the temps come down a little bit.


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