Just 99 miles to go

Saturday, July 15, 2006

No roadie yet.

I go to replace my broken spokes from the other night.
The last batch I got from my lbs were the wrong size. The dumb kid who helped me last time can’t read a ruler I guess.
The owner and another guy I know helped me this time .
The spokes for the 29 must be an odd size cause they spent quite a few minutes measuring , looking, and discussing between themselves what would be the best size to give me.
I finally got what I needed. They just exchanged the others and kept apologizing.
I’m like ,relax, shit happens.

So while I’m there I tell the owner I’m "thinking" a little about getting a road bike.
I wanna get his opinion on a road bike and my weight.
I don’t want another Paragon experience.
Nice bike but not really suited for my weight and riding style.

First thing he does is ask me what I weigh and the money I wanna spend. I tell him 240, and around $700.
I don’t evan think he listened to me as he proceeds to show me something they have on sale sitting atop a display.
I swear it looked like this thing only had 6 spokes on each wheel.
The wheels actually got knocked outta true from me just looking at them.
"This is on sale, $100 off, so its a grand, and its got a 250lb weight limit".
I don’t think he understood.
240 is completely buff, outta the shower.
Me, fully dressed, and a half filled camelback would kill this bike.

I told him I’d think about it a little.
I think what I’ll do it just set my 26"er up with some slicks.
I just want something to ride on the road sometimes, I’m not looking into becoming a roadie.

As for helping our economy, I’ve ordered more goodies.
A new rear cassette, a spoke tension meter, and a few other things to get my order over $100.00
Nashbar was having a 2 day, get 20% off any order over $100.
Shit, couildn’t pass that up.
My wife would be proud if I told her.



Tom Stormcrowe said...

That's what I said, as well...
I'm not going to become a Roadie...

It's a bizzarre phenomonon that occurs about the time you realize you just rode a cantury and figure "What the hell, I think another 25'll fill out the ride nicely!"

As to a road bike, check out Craig's List or Ebay, or yard sales! A yard sale is where I picked up my Raleigh, for $20.00! Look in the rizy neighborhoodsssssss and by the way, any roadie'll hold you @ 240 pounds, just stay away from very lightly spoked wheels is all! Carbon will even hold you, but you risk a trashed frame if you crash! A couple of good rides to look at if you are interested would be the Trek 1000 or 1500, as well as the Giant OCR, and if you are interested in SS/Fixie, the Specialized Langster! OCR would be in the range you were talking, by the way!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Man, my typing is screwy today! 40 miles of singletrack takes it out of ya!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

One more comment, here's a good entry level roadie for ya!

Gaz said...

So you're saying that spending money on bike parts is a GOOD thing? Thank you sir, that was JUST the justification I needed. VISA, DON'T FAIL ME NOW!

Tom said...

No Gaz, its only good when I spend money.
I'm already married, have a house and 2 kids.
Your just starting, you need your money for exciting stuff.
Aren't you paying for a marriage soon?