Just 99 miles to go

Monday, May 01, 2006

No running for Gorilla.

As the wife was still in NY with number 1 daughter I had the chore of taking number 2 (aka;my new riding partner) to her soccer practice. Fridays are scrimmage nights with the parents. Something my wife has gotten out of, using the exscuse of probly having a heart attack. The big sissy.

I was trying to figure out all day weather I would participate. I haven't sprinted since my knee surgery so I'm a little leary. I did chicken out at the last minute. After watching some of the other fathers kick the ball around (obviously they're on some kind of league) I didn't wanna try sprinting for the first time there.
I felt bad. My daughter was disappointed.

So Saturday, the wife and kids are out messing with the soccer ball.
I join in with them playing around, chasing and kicking the ball around.
For the hell of it, I try to do some sprints.
In a nutshell, no, I can't do that anymore.

After cutting around back and forth trying to take the ball away from my wife, the knee felt like crap.

I might get around to easy jogging again on the treadmill but runnings' out.

I'd like to get some of those ball kicking fathers out on trail on a bike and see how long they last. Sissys.

No, I'm not bitter.



Gaz said...

I kick the ball all the time. I live for it.

When I get out on the trail, I suck. I don't last very long.

Hmm. I think you have a point...

Tom said...

I know.
Next parent scrimmage night you act as my stand-in.
Everybody knows you Europeans are great soccer players.
There I go.
Feeding the sterotypes.
Next thing I'll be saying you drink cause your Irish.

Never mind.


Tom Stormcrowe said...

Tom, come on by and check out the Runaway Train post over at my Blogspot blog!