Just 99 miles to go

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Man, it seems like I’ve been spending money and trying to get bikes to work all week.
Took the bottom bracket off of the "good" bike so I could get the size off it to get another one.
Its devoloped a lot of noticeable play, its due.
The LBS doesn’t have 1 in stock, I don’t order it from them. There acting like they can get it next week.
I don’t wanna wait. I do get a new rear-D from them, so I can get the old 26" working.
I go ahead and order a BB from Performance. I don’t like them but they ship from NC, so evan with standard shipping I get the stuff the day after I ship.

Meanwhile, while trying to re-install the old BB, I strip some of the threads.
I take the frame in and they re-tap it while I wait.
Nice service, but damn, $18.00 for 2 minutes of work.
I know.
They gotta pay for the tool.
I looked into it.
The tool to retap the frame is $641.00
Usually, if I need work done that requires a tool I’ll buy it and do the work myself.
$20.00 for a BB removal tool, no problem.
$640 for an over sized tap. No freak’n way.

While I’m waiting on the new BB I’m working on the 26"
It needs a new cassette and chain.

I finally did get the "good" bike working.
New BB showed up and I got it installed with no more screwups.
I never did get the 26" back togather.

It seems as if my chain tool fell out of my saddle bag.
No chain tool, no new chain install.

I haven’t had the motivation to get a new chain tool yet.
I’m sure I’ll snap my chain this weekend and kick myself in the ass for it.

I don’t how I’m supposed to get bling items (adjustable seatpost) when I have to spend all my money on regular up keep items.

Oh well.
Such is our sport.


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