Just 99 miles to go

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I thought I was rolling.

I get out Thursday night to Rosaryville.
4 days since my last ride, the 47 mile epic at Cedarville.
Man I’m feeling good.
The legs are feeling strong and I’m flowing.
I’m standing and cranking up the hills and no brakes on the decents.
I’m flying.
Halfway thru I’m thinking "Man, I’m gonna trim 2 minutes off of my best time"

I crank down the last decent, to the trail head and keep up max speed to my truck.
Lock the brakes up at the truck (thats the official finish line for my time trials), and look at the computer.


I knocked 40 seconds off of my best time.


What do I gotta do to get under 50 minutes?
I was sure I’d come in under 50.

I’ll keep working at it.


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