Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Weekend wrapup.

Ok, beautiful weekend.
I gotta start seriously thinking about starting base training.

Saturday I had a 10:30 soccer game to go to.
I got to Rosaryville afterwards. Not enough time to get alot of mileage in so I did a one loop time trial.
I knocked a whole minute off of my best time.
52 minutes.
I also wrecked twice in the process. Nothing serious. But goes to show I was trying to go all balls out.
I better think about new tires.
Both wrecks were front tire wash outs.
No. Theres nothing wrong with my technique. Its the equipment.
Thats my story and I'm sticking with it.

I get to Cedarville at 12:00.
The plan is to get in 40 or 50 miles (wishful thinking).
I try to do everything right.
I have my camelback with half gatorade/water mixture.
I've got a powergel item I'll eat after the first hour and a breakfast bar, in case.
There must be something to this drinking and eating enough during a ride.
I got 47 miles in and felt like I could have did more.
I only quit cause I didn't wanna push things too hard and burn something up.

My plan of getting the majority of my base at Cedarville might have to change though.
God it started to get boring.
If you do every trail out there its about 18 miles.
It started getting a little tedious at the end.

I might look into the C&O canal towpath.
That looks kinda cool.


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