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Monday, April 10, 2006

Weekend wrap up 4/9/06

What a bust of a weekend.
Rain all day Saturday.
Sunday I passed up an oppurtunity for a ride at Gambrills for a hip pain that was nothing.
After my pedalfest Thursday, trying to keep up with expert riders, my muscles in the hips were killing me.
It didn’t go right away so I started thinking I did something.
Nah, I’m just turning into a hypochondriac in my old age.

I go to Cedarville Sunday afternoon, as it’ll be better riding than Rosaryville cause of the 1/2" of rain we got.
I pass some equestrians my first mile in. Thats kinda unusual. They normally don’t ride that area.
The farther I get away from the trailhead the more horses I run into.
Somethings going on.
I finally ask one rider.
Theres an Easter egg hunt happening.
Everytime I go to turn down a trail there are more horses.
I’m not into ripping around that place but stopping every 5 minutes to let a horse pass is not my idea of a good time.
I finally get out onto the gravel road and head back to my truck.

I did stop and practice some log hopping and back wheel wheelies?
The thing where you hop the rear wheel around, so you can turn without having any forward momentum.
I never did get a complete 180 degrees. Real close but not all the way.
I’m beginning to find the shortcomings of my shiman0 540 clipless pedals.
They don’t have a lot of lateral play before they unclip. They kept coming unclipped on some of the rear wheelies.
Eventually I’ll have to look into some better pedals. The 540’s are strictly an entry level pedal I’m beginning to find out.
Of course "eventually" means when I’ve got the money and after I’ve gotten everything else I need.
I’m starting a list of things I "want" and the things I "need".

Shoes (on order)
36 count spoke rims-saving for those.

quick release seatpost skewer-small ticket item, I’ll probly get this soon
non baggy biking shorts- this is debatable wheather this is a need or want
new pedals
bar ends

Distant future wish list.
full suspension 29er
(This is doubtful unless I win the lottery)

I went home and did some yard work and earned brownie points from the wife.
Shes starting to make comments about the yard.
When I mentioned some trailwork that was happening this weekend she resorted to an old comment "When are we going to do some trailwork to our yard".
I knew it was only a matter of time.

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