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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Playing with the saddle

The other night I lowered my saddle an inch while practicing stunts in the front yard.
Its amazing how much more stable I feel with a lowered saddle.
I initially found this out at Gambrills a month ago.
Its no wonder I always fall behind the group when it comes to technical sections.

So I hit Rosaryville last night for a quick loop and left the saddle lowered to see how it felt.
It was awful.
It seemed I had to work extra hard on the ascents and straight shots to keep speed and I could feel the knees objecting.
I could keep up more speed in turns and I actually cleared a log pyramid I couldn’t have before.

I guess I keep playing and try to find that magical saddle height.
I saw a saddle post somewhere thetas adjustable on the fly.
Not sure of the specifics, but it has a remote button and you can adjust the height of it while your riding.

It’ll probably have a weight limit of 200lbs.

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