Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Rosaryville time trial.

I’ve decided to try to get a little more intenisty into some of my rides.
That being said I visited the Rose tonight for an infomal time trial.
I haven’t timed myself on it since they added the re-routes. Well, I did check my time last weekend, but I wasn’t really trying hard.
So my time……Drumroll please.
Whats that mean?
Not a goddamn thing but it gives me base of where to start.
The same thing held me back that has been.
The legs.
They would start to burn and I’d need to downshift or stand up and crank.
I’m going to throw in some of these quick, push it hard rides during the week and save the longer low intenisty rides for the weekend. I also plan on adding some sort of resistance training in on the legs.
Something with low weight and high reps.
Beautiful weather for a ride BTW.
64 degress, no clouds.
Tank top and shorts for me.


SteveL said...

I saw some stuff on the MORE board about intervals. At R-ville, you can do (or maybe you already do) informal intervals simply by hammering the first 3 climbs going in the CW direction. They are all a couple minutes long and have a slight lull between them. Hit the climb hard, then rest on the flats, hit the next climb hard....
I guess the climbing doesn't stop until you get up to the barking dog house! Make sure you warm up first. 15-20 minutes of regular riding.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Good on ya! Keep up the good work, Tom!