Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Rosaryville, solo.

After some debate among some of last weeks "epic" riders it was planned to do Foutainhead this weekend. We later discovered that trail work was planned for the same day. That nixed that. You just don't feel right riding past people who you might know while they're shoveling dirt. You know they're thinking nasty thoughts about ya. "Why isn't he here helping with the trail work instead of riding?. Lazy bastard!". Thats what I used to think anyway when I was in that situation. So Peter decided to go to Elizabeth furnace (4 hours of driving) and Jason decided to do last weeks ride again ( 3 hours of driving and 8:30 start time).

So I played "lone wolf" and hit The Rose up today after going into work for a few hours. I really didn't feel like driving this weekend and needed some time at the office.

The goal was to try and get in 3 full laps. I did it. I'm feeling real good about my progress this year. Last time out there with a group , after the 2nd lap (actually it was 1 and 7/8) I was feeling really ragged out. The third lap dragged by half the time with me in granny gear and the only thing that kept me going was trying to stay with the group. I think trying to keep onto someone elses pace takes it outta me. On my loops I only stop once for about a minute, and the rest of the time I might take a rolling break. use a lower gear than I neeed to catch a breather.

It doesn't matter right now, I'm still just trying to get my base up.
So I finish the 3rd loop and than did another 1-1/2 miles on the road just to get the odometer over 30 miles.

Everybody says that a new loop at the rose is almost 10 miles but I'm only getting 9.5 on my computer. I need to check that.

So now I'll start trying to get in 4 loops.

This seems so far from the first time, 1-1/2 years ago, I went to the rose and almost thought I was going to have a heart attack completing 1 8.4 mile loop.


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