Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Trainer woes.

Temperature at start: 67
Distance: 20
Time: 1:25
Movie: The Jerk

Oh yeah. I can plagiarize. Some of you might recognize the statistics format off of Jills site.
I got an exciting (add sarcasm) ride in on the trainer.
I finally got my basement setup right for the trainer.
Put up a shelf for my 10" TV/DVD combo so its right at eye level while riding.
Hooked the TV up to the stereo for sound.
Found a stand for drinks and the remote controls. I know. I suffer way too much.
The goal for tonight was too extend my previous record on the trainer, 1:20.
Passed 1:20 mark and the odometer was at around 18.70 miles.
I told myself I’d quit at 20 miles Evan.
At 19.90 I started to feel a calf cramp set in.
At 19.95 it was a full cramp complete with excruciating pain.
At 19.99 I had to get off the bike.
Jumped off the saddle and straddled the top tube.
Everytime I moved the muscle would spasm.
I was stuck!
Finally, after 2 minutes of stretching it out I could move.
"You have got to be shitting me".
.01 from my goal.
I contemplated spinning the cranks by hand than realized how much of loser that would make me.
Hopped back on the bike and spun the cranks 2 times and got my 20 miles.

Reaching my goals .01 miles at a time.


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Tom Stormcrowe said...

That's one of the reasons I hate trainers! By the way, I may actually have some miles in next week, I think my gut finally sealed,, dry bandage 2 days in a row! Wish me luck! 7 in a row = a RIDE!