Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Cedarville base miles.

So the plan was to get up early and make it to a ride at Gambrills park up north. I got up late and couldn't do it. That happens to me alot. I'm not a morning person and all the good rides are over an hour and a half away.
I settled for a ride at Cedarville. Go ahead and work on the base.I hadn't been there for a few weeks. I knew I was in trouble driving into the park and saw all sort of trees that had been cleared off of the road. "WTF, looks like a tornado went through here"
There were trees down all over the park. I had to get off the bike and walk around dead fall atleast 20 times. This is the park where they are so meticulous about getting rid of anything that falls across the trails, evan if bikers can ride it.
My goal was for 25 miles but by 22 I was tired of getting scratched up by branches in the trails.
There was one is particular that tried to decapitate me. I road past one spot and there were vines hanging down. I ducked my head looked away as I rode through them. This time they weren't loose single vines. It was one large thorny vine that snagged around my neck. Right before it could yank me off the bike I managed to twist my head and it slipped off. The SOB did get some of its thorns through my skin and draw blood.
Anyways at 22 miles I'd had enough trail and finished up on the dirt road. Miles go so much faster on the road.
Got in 30.2 miles. Increased my max by about 4 miles.
Gotta go seeya

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Tom Stormcrowe said...

Great start, Tom! Good on ya!