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Monday, January 23, 2006

Will blogging help save marriages?

I guess it could just as easily go the other way too.
I’m scrunched up at our little tiny computer desk at home putting in my last blog entry.
The wife strolls into the den and see’s I’m blogging.
Normally when she see’s me at the computer she leaves rather quickly, uninterested in what I’m doing.
Usually its surfing other biking blogs or web sites.
She’s standing behind me reading my entry.
This bothers me.
I’m an artist at work.
I don’t like her watching me do this.
I might have to elaborate on something and I know her reaction.
"Thats not what happened".
Not to say that I’m dishonest on the blog.
I just might exaggerate a tiny bit to make an amusing story , funnier.
(I know , my blog isn’t that funny).
Finally after a minute I ask her what is so fascinating about me blogging.
"Its the only way I know whats going on inside your head"
So there you have it.
My solution to the communication problems between husbands and wives.
The blog.
Just remember when it catches on in a few months, you read it here first.

Disclaimr: Contrary to the title of this blog, there is nothing wrong with my marriage, so no trying to set me up with sisters, co-workers or spencered aunts.


Tom Stormcrowe said...

Durn, and I have a single sister in law to get off my back too! Hopes dashed again::EVIL GRIN::

SteveL said...

I can only think of that part in "The Shining" when Jack is typing (working) and his wife comes in. "Can't you see I'm working......" and totally goes ballistic on her for disturbing him. Classic psyco move.
See you tomorrow night. SteveL.

gwadzilla said...

my wife just asked that I do not blog about her...

my wife tends not to read my blog
I asked my mom not to read my blog
my wife's co-workers occassionally read my blog

I like to read my own blog

Shannon said...

Hubby and I met online. Reading each other's posts is second-nature to us. But don't you dare catch either of us reading the others' email without permission! *Some* things are sacred, even in marriage! ;-)

- Shannon (1 yr post-op 2/4/06)