Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Monthly Cedarville night ride.

Alright I’m starting to get the feeling no one likes me.
I had one person show up for the ride.
Thank you Steve.
I’m hoping the weather might have something to do with it and that I think it goes sort of unnoticed on the MORE boards.
If we have more of these I’ll have to start plugging them a little earlier or I might put an announcement up at my LBS.
Anyways it ended up being a good ride.
Today was a transitional day from unseasonably warm back to normal temps.
So that means the winds were up. ( This is why I think there was small showing.)
With the winds at the trailhead blowing it felt colder than shit although my computer showed 36 degrees.
Relatively balmy for a night ride in January.
Feeling the cold, I wasn’t sure how to dress.
So I did what I always do , overdress.
As soon as we got in the woods the wind died and I knew I was in trouble.
I had kept my jeans on over my tights, and I was wearing 4 layers on top.
Things didn’t get too bad until halfway through the ride going up a small hill.
Damn I was burning up.
I unzipped everthing and took my gloves off.
It was slightly bearable after that.
One day I’ll ride with a camel back so I can stowe extra clothing away.
I took the lead as I was designated ride leader although I’m sure Steve knows Cedarville just as good as I do.
I went out harder than I usually do trying to make sure I kept up a good pace. (I didnt wanna bore my lone followee with a slow pace).
I’m not sure if it was the extra clothing or the pace but I was fading fast.
Steve took over the lead somewhere at the end to give me a break.
He wasn’t really riding faster than me but when we would stop I’d be sucking air and he’d be just talking away.
I felt like smacking him.
And the SOB was on a single speed.
He showed me an old trail that I hadn’t discovered out there.
Well I sorta found half of it before but thought it just dead ended.
He showed me that it joined up with another section and continued.
See, in some ways he knows the place better than me.
I’m kinda worried that with the turnout at these Cedarville night rides that our ride coordinator and the park people will think that its not worth setting them up.
Although I’d prefer group rides, I’d be happy to ride around in the dark by myself.


Tom Stormcrowe said...

I'd show up, but it's a 16 hr drive one way!::GRIN::

Tom said...

I'll give ya a few days notice then.