Just 99 miles to go

Friday, January 13, 2006

68 degrees.

January 13 and it was 68 degrees at the trailhead.
I had to get out and do something.

I got to Rosaryville at 3:00 with the idea of staying out there until it got dark.
Try to get 2 loops in .
Felt like crap heading out there. I rushed a job during the day so I could get away early and the legs were feeling weak.
I’ve been here before.
A lot of times once the ipod is blaring and I’ve warmed up things just click togeher.
Not today.
I almost bailed at the half way point to the road but decided to just drop it into granny gear and grind 1 whole loop out anyway I could.
A loop is just 10 miles, so my self worth was at an all time low.
I kept thinking "I hope nobody I know comes up on me. This pace is embarassing.

Last night I got a trainer ride in.
43 minutes and 11 miles.
I told ya the numbers would go up. Oh yeah , broke Tuesdays 40 minutes and 10 miles all to shit. (add sarcasm here).

I’m just having a heck of a time getting home early enough to get good training time in.
I got home earlier than usual. Good I thought, I can get atleast a full hour in tonight on the trainer.
But first, take care of something I’ve been putting off.
Get on the phone to my satellite co and have them send me a new receiver.
Shouldn’t take 5 minutes. Right.
I’m on the phone for 45 minutes doing their diagnostics and still didn’t get what I wanted.
I was so pissed.


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