Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Winter blahs?

I definitely won the award this weekend for pussying out on any riding this weekend.
There was a ride at Greenbrier being held Sunday morning that I had every intention Saturday night of attending.
It was scheduled for 10:00.
It’s an hour and forty minute ride for me to get up there so I need to be on the rode by 8:10
I Got up late.
Oh, shit. I knew I should’ve gotten my stuff togather last night.
Get downstairs get my coffee and start looking for stuff.
"Shit, were are my shorts, do I take my leg warmers or full tights, full winter jersey or base layer with sleeveless."
By the time I piddled around I talked myself into the ride not being worth the 3 hours plus driving it would take to get there and back.
"I’ll do some miles at Cedarville later on".
So a couple of hours later I’m sitting in my truck at the trailhead at Cedarville.
The wind was blowing steadily at 20mph with gusts up to 40 or 50.
I did not feel like riding.
I’m sitting there for 10 minutes watching the wind blow, trying to talk myself into getting out of the truck.
Finally opened the door and the wind grabbed hold of it and whipped it open.
I said screw this.
No riding today.

I’m trying to figure out this funk I’m in. I think I might have it down.
Or might not.
I’ve been thinking about riding all the time or about exercising for the bike.
I’m tired of it.
The only form of exercise I’ve gotten in the past 3 weeks has been on the bike, trainer, and a little eliptical.
I miss lifting weights.
I miss kick boxing.
I miss stretching.
I don’t feel as "strong" as I used too.

I’m going to go back to doing what I "want" to do and not what I think I should do.
I did get into the basement last night and hit the weights the way I wanted.
I didn’t do the sets like I had heard they should be done for MTB’n fitness.
I did them for fun.
Don’t get me wrong.
I still love riding my bike.
I just can’t let my desire to become a better rider take the fun out of it.

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