Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Trying to get momentum going.

Not a whole lot going on.
Tuesday was a trainer night. My first try at using the videos I’ve been downloading.
I like it better than just watching movies.
Did I post up what I was doing?
I’ve been downloading amateur videos that riders have made.
I call them amateur mostly in the sense that they don’t make money off of them.
Some of them are pretty good and are evan set to music.
I’ve converted them to SVCD which is a way of putting video onto regular CDs.
I do this cause I’m one of the last persons to put a DVD burner into any of my computers. Thats coming soon.
The quality is good, the only drawback is the lenght is limited to just under an hour.
Later when I get time I’ll record the SVCDs to DVD with the borrowed burner I’m using so I can cut the amount of disks I have laying around in half.

The riding videos make me feel like pushing things harder than when I’m just watching a movie.
I’m using the ipod so when the authors choice of music isn’t to my liking I can still keep pumped up.

I found myself getting into the videos a few times.
I’d jerk the bars when the filmer was heading for something that I didn’t wanna ride over or wanted to avoid.
I need to find more stuff suited to my tastes.
A lot of its been from utah and coloroda rides.
I like the tight twisty singletrack videos better.

You can have the rocks.
Give me pine needle covered forested trails.
Places you don’t need sunblock on.

Tuesdays trainer ride-40 minutes and 10 miles.
These numbers will start to go up.


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