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Saturday, January 21, 2006

29" picts anyone

Mr. Stormcrowe wanted to see a pict of a 29er, so here ya go.
Really just a good excuse for me to play with pictures in the blog.
On the left of course is the Gary Fisher 29" Paragon.
On the right is my first MTB. A 26" Trek 2600.
The trek is a 22.5" frame where as the Paragon is 21" frame.
I think the Trek might be a tad too large for me as far as the standover goes.
There’s only about an inch between the top tube and my "family jewels" when I’m standing over.
Thats with my 34-35 inseam.


Tom Stormcrowe said...

Sharp looking ride, Tom! Glad to see some pics on the blog, by the way, looking great. I'm on the injured list, no riding allowed for a couple of weeks at least! I popped a hernia and had to have emergency surgery Friday. Details over at my place.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

By the way, I gotta ask.....did you use flash? Reason is that it looks like the backup lights are on and a disaster is about to happen! Just a funny thought for a followup.......get a pic of bikes matched in color, as an "after" shot....after being smashed! Good for shock value(and no, I'm not even remotely suggesting you smash a perfectly good MTB, talk to your buds, and get some nonrideable cheapies and spray paint to match) It'd make a great pic for shock value!::GRIN::

gwadzilla said...

the world of the 29er!