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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Using the trainer

I made it through last winter without purchasing a trainer but finally got one in May. I know, what kind of idiot buys a trainer in May. It was for rehabbing from the knee surgery with the added benefit of having one for this, and upcoming winters. I think I used it a total of 2 times. It didn’t take long for me to figure out that if I could sit and spin on the trainer, I could also ride on the road. So after 2 uses it got shoved over in the corner of the garage with the snow shovel.

I finally went ahead and set it up down in the gym (basement) right next to the eliptical. I decided last week that the eliptical doesn’t work the muscles the same as being on the bike. I got my first real ride on it Tuesday. Went 8.4 miles in 31 minutes. Why 8.4? Thats a loop at Rosaryville and I was hungry. I’ll need to figure out what I want to accomplish with this thing. It seems kinda boring to stay on it for long periods. It might end up being for modified intervals.

I could see right off I’m going to have problems with sweating on the chain. I sweat a lot and it was raining down right onto the big chain ring. Having a beard brings a whole new perspective to sweating. It kinda acts like a rain cloud, it keeps absorbing moisture until its full and then , BLAM, empties it all once. The wife learned quickly. Don’t touch the beard if I just finished exercising.

On other news I’m set up to lead my first ride. A night ride none the less. MORE was finally able to get permission to get some night rides at a few parks in Md. 2 at Rosaryville, 1 at Cedarville, and maybe 1 at Schaffer. I guess since half my ride reports are from Cedarville and the ride coordinator is a buddy, I was asked to lead the Cedarville ride. I warned him that I’ve never been in a position of power before and this would probly go to my head. "Stop whining and pedal you pussy" or "whatta mean on my left. I’m the leader, you cant’ pass ME". Knowing my luck it’ll get rained out anyways.

It’s Nov. 23 if anyone wants to ride around with large, sweaty, yelling So. Maryland’r.


gwadzilla said...

those damm clydesdales hate being passed

gwadzilla said...

even the greaseman is getting older
he still looks fit
but getting older