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Monday, November 21, 2005

More trailwork at the rose

Thursday I finally took a day off of work to do some trailwork at Rosaryville. They were supposed to be starting or just getting into the large bridge across one of the ravines. I got selected to do trailwork.
I never get picked for the fun jobs. I did get to run the leaf blower for a while. That was fun and easy. Maybe I should choose that as a new occupation?
This was the first time I’ve come in early enough on a project to see it go from woods to bike trail. Kinda cool seeing the transformation. Usually by the time I get there the only thing left to do is the finishing. As far as I can remember there were just 2 bikers working the trail on Thursday. Me and Dan H. The rest of the crew was made up of "kids" from some sort of state run conservacy group. There were a lot of them and they did move through the trail fast but didn’t put a lot of effort into the trail. Me and Dan were’nt moving as quickly as them but we didn’t move on until our section of trail was ready to ride.
I cut out at 3:30. Took a quick look at the bridge and went into the office for a while.

Saturday I did some more trailwork I was a little put off. We went right over to the section of trail where I had been working Friday. We were supposed to do the finishing work to it. What happened on Friday? Those conservacy people should have been able to get that trail finished easily Friday. What the hell did they do all day?
It made for an easy trailwork day anyways. We finished up about 12:30 and I wasn’t ragged out like Thursday.
I wasn’t happy with the job that IMBA’s Rich gave me. I got this job the same way I get a lot of jobs. Physical attributes. Strength and or height. Funny, nobodys picked me for a job yet cause I’m the best looking. Whats up with that?
Anyways I was picked today for my height.
I was told to go through and cut any low hanging branches that could catch a rider on a horse.
Fuck the horse people.
I don’t see any equestrians out here helping.
I hope they snag a vine and get thrown off.
If it doesn’t catch my 6’-3" frame , we shouldn’t worry about it.
But I did as I was asked to. I don’t need a reputation as a trouble maker. "Thats Tom, he can’t ride worth a shit AND he’s not a team player". I can see it now. All of sudden rides start going on without me being told. Nah, I don’t wanna go there.
Checked out the bridge work before I left. They were almost done and were just building up the entry and exit ramps with dirt. Oh yeah, I bet they wished they’d had me on the bridge work now. Nothing funnier than watching sport bikers trying to push around a wheelbarrow loaded with damp dirt.

Sunday I finally got to ride the new trails and bridge. The new sections still have that new trail feel but they are going to be nice after they’ve been ridden in. There are quite a few new "humps" where its easy to catch air. By my computer the lap is now 9.7 miles. 1.3 miles longer than it was. Your results may vary.
I was on a group ride with Dave, Mike, Josh and a new face to me Mark. We took the clockwise direction but I think the loop would flow better in the oppisite direction.
I’ll have to do a few rides to make a final verdict.

See yall

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