Just 99 miles to go

Monday, November 21, 2005

California tortilla and Sudoku.

No posts for a week and what do I come up with. Food and games.

First, I had my first ever burritos from California Tortillas and they suck.
The wife bought me home 2 on Saturday night.
First impression.
Damn those things are big, no wonder a lot of people eat there.
Started biting into it.
Hmmmm, a lot of rice on this end .
Hmmm, a lot of rice in middle.
Wheres the damn meat?
Goddamn 2lb burrito and they stick 1oz of meat in it.

Let me try the other one.
Same crappy rice through and through.
I picked the little bit of meat out of the last half and trashed it.

Than I saw the receipt of what she paid for them.
Never again.

I would rather eat a burritto from 7-11.

Yeah, I know. I’m a low class redneck.
Just give me my meat!!!!

Yup, I got hooked.
It started innocently enough with the Sunday post version,
Its now my number 1 game on the computer.

Thats all I’ve got to say about that.


Graham said...

I'm with you on the whole meat in the burrito thing. I hate all of the extras just give me the good stuff. Never been to California Tortilla, but I always ask for double meat and double cheese in my burritos from Baja Fresh and Chipotle.

David said...

I agree with you tommy, That place gave me food poisoning, They suck green donkey dicks.