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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Kids sports, boring parent story,no bike content.

Sorry no bike content. This has been going through my head and I wanted to rant about it.

I went to my 8 year old daughters soccer game Saturday morning. They were playing a team that they were tied for 2nd place with . It was apparent from the get-go that the other team were a bunch of bruisers. Where as my daughters team scored and played with skill and finese, the other team used brute force. They had 2 players in particular, who were larger than the normal players, that seemed skilled at tripping the players from my daughters team.

Our teams coach and the other parents were starting to get agitated with the way the game was going. We were behind 1 goal and there was 3 minutes left in the game. I normally don’t get into the games that much but I too was getting irratated by the way it was going. I don’t get into the yelling or displays of enthusiam that other parents do though. I just sort of watch and steam away on the inside.

While watching the game I’m forming an opinion in my head about the other team, especially the "big" girls. I just know they’re coached to intimidate and foul the opposing teams. They are evil. I want our team to get out there and do what ever it takes, including fouling to win and put these amazons in there place.

So with about 3 minutes left my daughter is taking the ball down the field and 1 of the amazons goes to get the ball from her. I’m sure theres a more technical "soccer" term but this really isn’t my sport, moutain biking-remember. Just like the amazons other encounters, she trips up my daughter right by the sideline in front of our teams side. She lands hard but I know the kid, shes not hurt. This really pisses off the other parents and they start yelling at the ref to call a foul, saying how the amazon did it on purpose. I can’t be sure of anything myself but it still made me mad.

The amazon hears all this and yells "it was an accident " and proceeds to cry.

It about broke my heart.

Maybe its being the father of 2 daughters that made the difference. This was just a rather large 8 year girl, probly uncoordinated from her size, out there playing the game like everybody else to win.

It must be a Daddy thing because some of the mothers continued yelling and making a stink.

It was over after another minute but it made me feel bad for that little girl. Sure my daughter had a sore knee and her team lost but they’ve lost before and she’s had bruises before. The "amazon" will go away with the memory of a group of "grown up adults " yelling at her for something that was an accident.

Some of these f**kn parents had better relax and remember its just a bunch of 8 years old playing.

It could have really gotten bad too so I guess we got lucky. If it was my girl who was crying because another adult was acting childish and screaming at her, someone would pay. I don’t think there’s anything more dangerous than a protective parent.

Ok, boring daddy post over.


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