Just 99 miles to go

Friday, August 26, 2005

We'll shit, shes gonna be gone anyways.

So I just found out the wife is going to a psuedo family reunion up in New York the weekend of the 17th. She's taking the kids and everything. This is the same weekend as the MORE camping trip to Douthat park in VA.
Originally I didn't try to sign up for it because I knew I'd be gone labor day weekend for the sm100 race (although now I'm volunteering as opposed to racing). I didn't want to be gone 2 weekends in 1 month. That would be way too much shit that would be added to the honey-do-list to make up for my absence. I'm not a young man anymore. A big list could kill me.

So now I'm going to be stuck with a whole weekend with nothing to do. .

If anyone knows of someone who has a whole campsite and wants to share, I'm open for it. If it makes a difference, I'm one of those people who get quiet and sleepy when I start to drink. So their privacy is pretty much guarenteed after my 2nd beer.

I'll start the more aggressive campaign for a place to stay after the labor day weekend. If I've ever met you in person expect to get hit with an email begging for a place to stay.



DMarchy1 said...

Tommy, David Marchyshyn, from Bowie Md. I have a whole campsite but only one tent. If You have a Tent you are welcome at My site. Call me for Details. Dave 301-509-3191.

Tom said...

Thanks Dave, I'm gonna call ya.