Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, August 21, 2005

2 laps at the Rose, I was impressed.

I got out to Rosarvyille about 11:00 this morning. I had to be home a little early for the wife and I figured I'd miss the hottest part of the day. I've been thinking about going back to Cedarville but damn I feel burnt out on that place. Everytime I think about going back there I remember the smorgasborg the bugs had at my expense on the last ride. Its funny how a bad ride at a place leaves a lasting impression on me (yeah, hell will freeze over before I head back to EF). 20 goods ride, 1 bad, and I'm ready to give up on it.

I really like Rosaryville anyway. Minimal bugs.

Did my normal clockwise loop. Made it up all the hills, no walking.
Ran across 1 other rider on the trail going the other direction. Sometimes I think us MTBer are just too polite. I'm going down a descent around a turn with a dropoff on one side. Halfway around the turn I see the other rider coming up. I made a controlled skid/stop without going over the dropoff, no problem. Than he tells me "sorry man". Whats he sorry for? I was the one speeding around bend. We all do it though. In my defense, I'm always looking as far ahead as possible, just in case this happens. BTW I really love disc brakes. If I was still on V's I would have ran the other rider over or gone over the dropoff.

Finished my loop up and I didn't feel totally trashed like usual. This isn't normal. Decided to go ahead and try another partial loop. Shit, I went ahead and got a whole other loop in. I'm pretty sure this is only the 2nd time I've done 2 loops out there. The other time didn't really count though. It was a group ride and the first loop had a bunch of rest stops. And if I hadn't been following Peter and Larry on the 2nd loop I would have bailed partial way through.

I've gotten more miles in at Cedarville but damn that place is easy.

I'm pretty sure I'm in better shape now than I was right before the knee surgery.

The SM100 is in 2 weeks and thats been going through my head alot. Damn I wish I was racing. As it stands now I heard back from Ann. Shes the girl from MORE who will be doing the cooking out there. I'll probly be helping her for alot of the weekend. I'm just wondering if I should try to get stationed at one of the aid stations. Although helping at the camp site cooking at least I'd be sure to meet everybody.

Hell, nobodys going to miss eating.



superfrenchie said...

//The SM100 is in 2 weeks and thats been going through my head alot//

Hey Tommy, go for it!

Tom said...

What the hells wrong with ya. My wife is gonna kick your ass if she sees you egging me on to do it.

I'm in no shape endurance wise and the knee isn't there yet Dennis. Its actually hiking sections that would be worse for me than the biking. Next year watch out though.