Just 99 miles to go

Friday, July 22, 2005

Somebodys going to bat against me.

I decide to leave work earlier than normal to hit Rosaryville. Its been a crap day so I just wanna go and ride. Only one other vechicle in the parking lot. Its always pretty empty on Friday nights.
Get everything ready, go through the list, water bottle, jersey,ipod, gloves, leg brace. Keys are in the pocket, lock the truck up and take off.

Get 100 yards into the trail and theres a clanging coming off the back tire. Tree branch in the wheel already? Nope, broken spoke. Crap.

Options start going through my head. I know that 29" wheels are supposed to be weaker than 26" and this thing only came with 28 spokes stock. The one thing that was a con when I made the decision to buy the bike. Do I say screw it and turn around? I'm only 100 yards in. Then I hear the thunder, and feel the sprinkles. I know a front is supposed to be moving through so it could get nasty.

Ok. Rides off tonite. I'll make the ride through Waldorf, hit the LBS, get her fixed up tonight and ride tomowrow. I normally take back roads home to avoid the Waldorf area. Its notorious for bad traffic but I've got nothing else to do.

Head down rt 301, up ahead traffic is stopped 4 miles from where it usually starts to get congested. Thats it . I give up. Normal rush hour congestion I was ready to tackle. But 4 miles.

Hit the backroads and just went home.

Tomowrows gotta be better than today.


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