Just 99 miles to go

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Building the base up.

So I was sitting in front of my LBS 10 minutes before they opened. Got my spoke, got the bike fixed and rode Cedarville.

Today I was going to try to add to my base miles. Its still kinda warm but the humidity was down a little.

Kinda uneventful. When I start racing next year, I'll have to thank the wife for giving me the ipod. Theres no way I could ride out there without my tunes.

At 19 miles I was starting to get tired. I pointed towards the white trail and decided to just go that one more time.

Ended up with 25 1/2 miles. A new record for me. 3 miles more than the previous record. I've got to start thinking more seriously about nutrition on the base mile trips. Once again I went out with nothing in the belly except coffee.



Your Name Here said...

Keep it up, Tommy. You'll be ready for one of the Schaeffer/Hoyles Mill/Black Hill epics before you know it. Great work!


Tom said...

I am going to see what all the hype over that place is all about before the years over.