Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Just a bad bike night.

Alright, this is just a plain whiny post.
First, I didn’t feel like going on a bike ride.
I felt tired, no strength in legs, and the humidity has got to be 150%.
Ok, actually it was in the high 80’s or low 90’s.
It’s 100% true about the humidity getting to you, not the temperature.
The only reason I did go was to give the leg some exercise.
Everything was bothering me, my shorts were too snug, the brace was rubbing the wrong way (whine,whine,whine).

Cedarville was our park of choice tonight, as the energy wasn’t there to tackle the rollers at Rosarvyille.
I think that was the first mistake.
When the humidity is this high, you don’t ride a park thats built through swamps.
The energy never shot up like it does on other rides. I kept punching the "next song" button on the ipod, looking for that magical song that would perk me up. It wasn’t to be. "That" song didn’t exist tonight.

And the topper that pissed me off.
Specifically, deer flies. I believe thats what they’re called. Large flys with pointy wings that bite.
Normally, as long as I keep rolling, I’m fine. You feel them bouncing off you but thats it.
Tonight the little sob’s were biting me while I was riding.
One bastard evan had the odacity to bite through my glove.
I was the last person he ever bit. A small bit of satisfaction.
I carry spray in the truck and used it tonight on the legs just to keep the ticks off.
Thats gonna change. Now I’m going to bathe with the stuff before the next ride.

So I got in about 10 miles.
I hope it did some good.



Tom Stormcrowe said...

Het Tom, I found a bit of music that's a great motivator! I'm not a WWE fan, but my sister in law recorded the Undertakers Theme song, "Dead Man Walking". I'll tellya, it's a driving piece of music! Absolutely loaded with Testosterone! Check it out!

Tom said...

I got that. I got hold of somehow alot of the wrestlers theme songs.

That deep heavy stuff is for lifting weights. On the bike I need high energy.

Thin Lizzy, the boys are back in town usually does it for me.