Just 99 miles to go

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Jesus christ its humid.

I don't think its me.
Everybody I meet is talking about how humid it is.
Is it humid or is it age catching up to me.

Ok, enough about the weather. This is summer anyways, right.

There was a ride some friends of mine had advertised.
50 miles at a steady pace.
I didn't evan think about being able to go, but it had me thinking about my base training.
My longest ride so far has been 23 miles, about 2 weeks ago.
Compared to most of my riding buddies this aint shit, but compared to 6 months ago this is great for me. If I consider the knee I feel real good about it.

So the plan was to hit Cedarville and just ride till I bonked.
Yup, Cedarville. Bug paradise.

Well, you don't start an epic ride at 2:00 in the afternoon in the middle of july, or atleast I shouldn't.

Soaked myself in deepwoods off, I put that that stuff everywhere.
10 minutes into the ride, my sweat has washed off about all the bug spray.

The weather was taking more of toll than I thought it would. The woods weren't giving off that coolness that they normally do. When I started out I was worried about a thunderstorm popping up. After 40 minutes I was hoping one would show up just to cool me off.

After 11 miles I was dragging butt and starting to get some chills.
I decided this wasn't the day to break my record.

Rode over to the camping area refilled my water bottle and soaked myself from the water supply they have set up for campers.
I ended up calling it a day with 18.5 miles.
I'll break the record next weekend.
Maybe I'll try to get my fat butt outta bed early and get there before the temps hit 90.


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