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Monday, June 13, 2005

Wrenching to save money...not.

The 29’s been acting up a little bit.
Chain suck, and its been skipping when I use the smallest ring on the back cartridge with the large and medium chain ring.
Before I start messing with rear derailer adjustments I figure she needs a real good cleaning.
I got gunk all throughout the drivetrain and figure this time I got to do some dissaembly to clean her up good.

Now keep in mind, I’ve yet to have to do a lot of wrenching on bikes.
I’m very mechanically inclined. I’ve replaced engines and do all sorts of maintenance on automobiles.
I can change out front brake pads on my truck in 10 minutes.

First thing I wanna do is pull the pulleys on the rear D to clean the crap.
First pulley is no problem.
On the 2nd one the bolt doesnt want to move and the allen wrench turns, stripping the bolt.
I remember they use lock tite on just about everything on the bike so I must need some heat.
Grab the trusty propane torch and put just a heat to the other end of the screw.
Look quickly.
The pulley looks fine.
At first.
In front of my eyes one of the teeth on it slowly start to melt.
And the bolt is still frigg’n stuck.
I reach the conclusion shes not getting put back togather before I leave work.
I ended up drilling into the bolt and using an easy out to get it out.

I figure while I’m screwing up , I might as well play with the chain tool that I bought 6 months ago but so far have never used.
I get the chain apart and off the bike.
That pin doesn’t look like it’ll hold shit if I put it back.
Then from the back of my head I vagueyly recall reading that depending on the chain, you might need new replacement pins.
I jump on the net to the Parks site and sure enough I need a new pin to re-assmeble the shimano chain.

Yeah, Ok.

I stop my bike doc and they have the pulley in stock ($20.00).
Might I add they come in sets.
No bolts though, they need to "special order" it.
They have the chain pins, $1.49 each. Damn thieves.

Got home an stole a bolt off of the 26’s derailer.
Got the derailer all togather but am letting the chain sock overnite in degreaser.

Stay tuned for tomowrows show.

Putting the chain back on the bike.

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