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Monday, June 06, 2005

Weekend update 58 day PO

Friday was a wash. Rain all day into the night. I knew it would be, thats why I went for a ride Thursday. Although it was the 8 week mark for surgery , there no big mile stones to report.

Rain finally stopped. I was itching to get back out on dirt.
Cedarville here I come.
I decided that I just need more saddle time. I’m not exerting a lot of energy with big hills or technical riding so I was going for quantity over quality.
I stuck with the 2 trails that are least effected by rain. The brown and the white.
I finally pulled my map out and figured how to get onto the white without hitting the yellow. The yellow gets nasty when wet and it has some sections I shouldn’t take yet.

So 2 laps on the white and brown and a little exploring. Total of 16.3 miles.

On my way out I decided to venture onto the yellow trail so I could skip the asphalt back to the parking area.
Big mistake.
Muddy and rooty as a mutha. Took 1 small slip at the beginning. Said screw this and walked the mud.
I have to remember to clean the mud off of the knee brace before the next doctor appt.
Oh, he would ream my ass if he found as I was walking/riding in mud.


The legs and butt are feeling yesterday. I haven’t pulled my baggy shorts out yet so I’ve been riding in jean shorts. Evan with the thud on, the butts taking a beating. I assume this comes from me not getting out of the saddle as much as I should yet.

Today is my birthday.
Its my day.
I get to do what I want.
I went riding again.

This was going to be an easy day. Don’t push anything. Use my granny as much as I want to without feeling guilty.
Ended up 1 loop white and brown and some exploring. 11 miles.
I saw a cool looking large water turtle in some of the swamp area.

As I’m riding the brown again today, I’m thinking to myself, "Man, this is getting boring. Maybe I should think about getting a MP3 player".

Wouldn’t ya know it, the wife gives me an Ipod shuffle for a b-day gift. It looks cool as hell, I post up what I think about it after I get it going.

See ya

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Happy Birthday, Tommy. I know you'll have fun with the shuffle.

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