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Thursday, June 02, 2005

PT and Cedarville Day 55 po

Physical therapy this morning.

The leg was feeling fine until PT.
I actually got to use the eliptical they have there. That was a first.
It felt funny the whole time I was on it. I didn’t like it. I’ll stick to the bike.

I upped the tension myself on the machine that strengthens the quads.
The therapist saw what I had done and asked if it hurt the knee.
I said yeah, a little. He kept lowering the resistance until there was no pain.
At that point it was giving the muscle about 0% workout.
He said it didn’t matter, we don’t want to do anything that stresses the knee.
I don’t know how I’m supposed to build muscle that way.

Afterwards the knee felt like shit.
If I didn’t have a job to go to I would have stayed home.

On the way into work I stopped by bike doc and picked up some flat pedals for the 29".
As soon as I walk in 1 of the floor guys asks if he can help me. I tell him I need some cheap flats for the bike. I don’t plan on using them forever. He takes me over to the carosal display and shows me some $5-$10 pedals that I wouldn’t put on a kids bike. I didn’t know they had stuff that cheap in there. I explained that I wanted something better than that but didn’t want any $100 titanium freeride stuff. He took me to another section.

Why do they hide anything that costs more than $20.00
I ended up with a no-name $25 pair. Atleast they were heavy looked like they’d hold my decreasing body weight.

Also picked up some tubes for the 29". These also were hidden behind the counter.

Although I don’t get in there but once a month they always recognize me as "the guy that bought the 29er". That shows you how many of them that they sell. I always get the same chit chat asking how I like it.

After getting the pedeals, I just had to try the 29 on the trails. As I said before, I’ve been riding the 26" because it has a lower bottom bracket and is easier to mount and dismount. I haven been on the 29 since before surgery.

Ended up at Cedarville after work.

With PT this morning and time constraints I got in 8 miles at a little quicker pace than I had been doing. Getting off the saddle more and more.

Still on the easiest trails though.

See ya

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Your Name Here said...

Great to see you back on the 29er. Though it is a little harder to get on and off of, it rolls so much better than the 26er.

It is hard to balance what is good for the knee and what is good for building muscles. Sometimes spinning is good for my knee when it is bugging me. While I don't comparey my knee problems with what you're dealing with, Maybe the info applies.

Take care, dude. I'll talk to you soon.