Just 99 miles to go

Monday, May 09, 2005

Nope, not quite there- 31 days PO

Been slacking. So much for the day by day entries.

As of Sunday night I still haven't ridden the bike. I have been spinning on it. I sit on it next to a 4' ladder, hold the ladder with one hand,the brake with the other, and spin backwards. Its getting easier and easier , I almost took off last night but I'm not gonna try riding without my fancy brace. I swear I'm gonna get a trainer.

I've been on 1 crutch and brace while outside or if I'm going walk any distance. Inside on easy stuff I go crutchless and braceless. Slow and easy. I might be ignoring the docs "suggestion" but I'm taking it real easy.

I stopped by Rosaryville Sunday afternoon and went for a "hike". Theres a real short trail over by the playground. On the map its shown as being handicap accesible. It was such a beautiful day I had to get out. Strapped the brace on and crutched my way down trail. Its just nice being in the woods. The place was empty which really surprised me. I thought there would be people with kids at the playground. There was no one. At least I didn't have to feel self concious hobbling around.

I've been stretching just about everyday. I usually lie flat the the floor with the leg straight up and let gravity pull the lower part of the leg down. When gravity isn't enough I grab hold and start pulling it in. Hurts like a son a bitch. They tell me I can't damage anything by pulling it in, but it feels like the knee caps gonna pop off. What they don't tell you about working the leg out, is that after your done you need to ice, and elevate it.

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