Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, May 05, 2005

2nd try to ride-27 days PO

Spent some time at work doing my leg stretches with the bike in mind. The farther I can get the leg to go back the easier pedaling will be. As pedaling seems to be the only exercise I can do to actually strengthen the leg at this point I'm really anxious about getting on the bike.

I've been calling relatives trying to borrow a stationary bike for a week or 2 but so far no luck. The one piece of equipment I don't have, and its the only thing I'm allowed to do. Hmmmm.

I get home early before the wife and head straight for the garage to try the bike. Throw the leg over and try a couple of test rotations with the leg. I think I can do it. So while I'm sitting there figuring the final logistics of how this in gonna work, the wife pulls up. Blocking my previously clear driveway ( and path to freedom).

I tell her to move the vehicle, I'm going on a test run.

She informs me I'm not suppose to be on the bike, grabs the keys and runs into the house. If I could catch her, I'd kill her. She's been getting a kick lately out of ticking me off (not seriously), and just staying out of my arms reach. Her day is coming. Hey Gawdz, atleast you can catch your wife.

This final hurtle does me in. Maybe the leg could use a little more stretching and a days worth of rehab? Beaten down, I put the bike back and go inside to find the ice pack and tv remote.

I'll try again tomorrow.

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gwadzilla said...

my wife is smarter than me too