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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The doctor can kiss my BIG WHITE HAIRY ASS- 26 days PO

I'm in a good mood as I write this because I've tooken myself off of the crutches. Maybe not the smartest move, but damn it feels good.

I had an appt with the doc this morning. I really was expecting him to tell me to go down to 1 crutch, while hoping for him to tell me to get rid of them altogather. He said the leg looked and felt good. I'm supposed to use both crutches for 1 week, but now apply weight to the leg as bearable (what a joke), then go down to 1 crutch. Come see him in 2 weeks.

No Fuck'n way.

I don't want you to think I'm acting this way for no reason. I've found a pretty good source of info for this type of injury. Its not common for a doc to keep patients on crutches for this long unless there were other repairs or circumstances involved. There weren't for me. That, and I've had this doc for a previous injury, where at the time I thought he was being overly conservative with my rehab but didn't have the resources I have now to confirm it.

So, I left his office with an hour to kill before my physical therapy appt. I went shopping at Food Lion with "1" crutch. My first time in a store by myself since surgery. Oh Yeah.

The kicker,

I go to PT , wearing the brace and using both crutches for show. The therapist takes my crutches and leans them against the wall and tells me to go ahead and get started on the bike.
Evan he thinks I should be off of them. Still, same boring exercises as the doc didn't clear me for total weight bearing.
My extension was 0, my flexion went from 116 to 124. Oh yeah. Learning how to stretch in 4 years of Tae Kwon do is paying off.

I told myself I was gonna try the real bike this evening no matter what happened with the doc.

I did. Try, that is.

It didn't work.

I need a little bit more flexibility and leg strength. Just the reason I need to bust ass and stretch and work out.



gwadzilla said...

doctors tend to be over cautious...
in the scheme of things...
we each need to be good little boys and take our doctor's advice
more than that... we need to do our PT

PT is like homework
just like homework
we only cheat ourselves by not doing our homework

i was never very good at doing my homework
thought i was beating the system
only cheated myself

this time around... i will do my homework

the doctor can only do so much
the rest is up to me

try to stay positive

i too should stretch
no excuse not to stretch while i watch tv
other than laziness

Tom said...

I made it clear with the therapist the first day. His job is to tell me what I can't do. I don't need him to "push" me. I do that fine by myself. As a matter of fact, thats how I got in this situation to begin with.

I don't need a therapist, I need a babysitter. :-)