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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Its official, I'm no longer a MAN-23 days po

Although I've gotten good at handling myself on the crutches, there are 1000's of things that just can't be done. Thats were having a loving wife comes into play. I've just about come to the realization that I NEED her help and don't feel as guilty asking for it now. I figure I'll make it up to her when I can walk normally. BUT, today the line was crossed.

The first hint of trouble happened last week. She innocently made a remark about the grass getting a little high. (It hasnt been cut this season yet). I made a mental note to check out our tractor and see if I could get it running. I know I could ride that around the yard. FYI, I havent used the tractor in years. I like the exercise and cut that the push mower gives me. I did loan it out last year so I knew it ran, but it currently was without a battery. No big deal, in my current state I could still get it going. We'll of course the tractor got forgotten about. We live apart from other houses, no neighbors in eyesight, so I'm not too concerned with what others think of the yard.

Then I get home today from the office and notice that the push mower is sitting in the middle of the yard. "Oh Shit, whats she up to". I know she can't start it cold. No upper body strength and she doesn't know the little tricks that is takes to start it that I have learned from 1000's of pull starts. (Use the shoulder, not elbow).

So it seems she's had enough and wants to atleast cut some of the grass herself. She wants to try instead of waiting for me to get a battery for the tractor. (Which I would have gotten, but I couldn't figure out how to push a shopping cart on 2 crutches by myself). I go outside with her, pull the air filter and prime the carbeurator with fresh gas. VROOM, I have it roaring to life. I can still easily pull start it.

So now I'm stuck sitting on the porch watching as she pushes MY mower around MY yard. (Totally going against the grain might I add, but I didn't open my mouth). The only thing that made me feel useful was when she let it get bogged down in high grass. I would then crutch over, have her hold the crutches, restart it, then crutch back to the porch.

She finally got cut what she wanted. Did it end there. No. She had the nerve to ask me to start the weedeater. THE GAS-POWERED-WEEDEATER. The manliest piece of lawn maintenace equipment ever made (next to the chainsaw anyway)! I reluctantly complied. Atleast I got a little laugh outta watching her try to use that.
See yall

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gwadzilla said...

that would have been a nice little experience to be a fly on the wall for...

no grass to cut here
there is all sorts of gardening projects thay we need to get started

i was thinking of getting the plants
and grabbing some lationo day laborers to do the actual physical labor

looking for stones online

need to buy and plant some trees

need to weatherize our back deck

lots to do

nothimg that can be done with one hand